Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just a poem.

Good or evil
What's the difference
We all lie together in the end
The saints and the sinners
Shoulder to shoulder we rest
The ground knows no difference
Nor does it care

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vote!? What, me, why?

It's getting close to election time here in the United States of America. Yeay!!!! Kinda... I can't say that I'm too excited about our candidates. Although I do have my opinion on which is the better to lead our country, though I don't think either one is that great. But, I must point out that although they may have some great ideas on how things should be done, it's not their fault taxes get raised or one bill gets passed while another one sits and rots. The presidents power is very limited. He has to deal with congress, senators and represinitatives, his advisors, and who knows who else, not counting the media and the miniority of the population that the media likes to shove down our throats. Ohhh, we need to make roads safer by making people stay home or ride a bike to work, because my brother got hit by a car while walking home one night and got hit by a speeding Mercedes! (READ: while walking home from the bar at three in the morning and passed out while walking down the road and fell in front of a Mercedes going a whole mile over the posted speed limit)! I've got over a thousand signatures of people that agree with me. That is a significant part of the population of this city. Something needs to be done!!!" They neglect to mention the face that it took six months of standing outside local stores to get those signatures, and that the population of the city is a hundred thousand plus, so it eaqules less than a tenth of a percent of the population. We hear talk of policies and taxes and promises made and who voted how on which bill and who they slept with in colleges and who they smoked pot with in high school. Personally I don't give a damn. I do like to know where they stand on every issue, but they don't have the power to really make the changes. That's all in congress, the people you vote for locally, your senators and representatives.

But, I'm not wanting to rant and rave about all this political crap, but I would like to share my thoughts on what my policies would be should I ever be granted the privledge and burden of being elected The President of The United States of America. (Yea, I wrote the wole title of our country, because that the name of it, not America. U.S.A. is also acceptable in my eyes, but America is a big area to cover and a generalization of the two continents that are divided into North and South America, which includes many countries, of which I live in ONE of the American counrties, not THE American counrty.)

I believe that, instead of building more refineries and power plants, we should impliment a policy that all new buildings should be required to be self powered either by solar, or wind power. And, be requested to be hooked up to the grid for times when the extra power is needed elsewhere. Give yearly tax credits for those who do hook up to the grid, those that don't, well you're shit outta luck, you just get your electric free. Effective immediately. And, require retro fitting to existing business' within three years, and homes within five. Current construction would fall under the existing category.

Require new construction to build underground cisterns to collect excess rainwater. They would have to be capable of holding double the monthly water requirements for the building, at minimum. Same retro fit and time line requirements as the renewalble power mentioned above.

Would require all government vehicles be converted to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), a hybrid electric/CNG conversion would be ideal and highly suggested. Also, require any and all automakers that sell in the U.S.A. to have all their fleet available with the hybrid electric/CNG option. All this within three years. And, if you checked out the link above, I know I grind elecric vehicles into the ground, but with these other solutions, with the fully sustainable homes and business' and hybridising them, it would cut our pollution to nearly nothing.

I fully believe that some laws should be universal or partly universal. Like speed limits, seat belts, helmets, stuff that involves the individuals and the public at large mainly. For example, I believe that the Federal government should be responsible for the intersate highway system, not the states that they're in. It was a government project for the national military, it should be maintained by the people who had it built, unless sold to someone else. So, either the U.S.A. government or China needs to pony up some dough. Effective immediately.

Personally, I'm all for a flat tax. And, NO damn refunds or tax breaks. NO bailouts for anybody, either sink or swim. Effective immediately.

I think that the states should have equal representation in congress, and my proposal is that you have two elected officials from each state, (similar to the senate) but those two representatives would be the Governor and Vice Governor, and then have elected officials based on population, (like the house) but those representatives would have to have served on the State government in a similar capacity for a minimum of five years prior. Also, they would be limited to three two year terms, although they could be re-elected after they sit out a term, if the people want them back in that capacity. And, the new "senators" would hold their positions as long as they held their State elected positions. Also, a severe cut in pay for all government employees strictly representing the citizens, senators, representatives, president, speaker of the house, etc... I'm not talking about making them starve, I know it's a full time stressful job. But, come on, a couple hundred thousand a year, for the rest of your life, how the hell is that not good enough... Also, congress would only meet for a couple weeks every quarter so the Governor and Vice-Governor could focus on their respective states needs like they should be able to.

I also think that drugs that can be made naturally, or with very little refinement should be legalizes. Now, I don't condone the use of street drugs. But, people are going to get high anyway, may as well make it legal, taxed, and regualted by the government, not only would this bring in more tax revenue, it would reduce crime, and they could be made safer for the people that enjoy doing the drugs. Imagine if weed was grown on a farm where the farmer cared about his crop and the quality of his bud, instead of it being grown in a basement or closet, with who the hell knows what thrown in the dirt or water for the plants. Or, cocaine, heroine, or opium being manufactured in a sterile facility instead of someones shed or bathroom. And, of course the laws regarding the use of such drugs would have to fall along the lines of the laws regarding alcohol. To explain where I'm coming from on this, would you go buy a six pack from some grungy dude who brews beer using old hot water heater tanks, and repurposed copper tubing. Think about that for a second.

I would reasses the deployment of our troops and call the ones home that weren't in a conflict that directly involved the United States, or our allies. Some wars need to be fought, but we don't need to be fighting other peoples wars. And, after that, if someone wants to push us, we'll stand up, look 'um straight in the eye, and kick some ass. Other than that, the boys need to stay home with their families.

As far as gun conntrol goes, the only control you need is to be able to hit where you're aiming. I believed a well armed populace is a well prepared populace. Talk about dropping crime. Imagine a criminal walking into a convient store or liquor store with the intent of robbing it and the people in it. I'm not going to speak for anybody else, but I know I'd be more likely to be brazen and bold about it knowing that when I walked in the chance of someone else having a gun, mostlikely the owner or clerck behind the register, was very low or nonexistant. And, I have to say, I'd think long and hard about how desperate I was for money and food before I walked into a store with the chance that not only the owner/clerk may have a gun, but also that there is a very good chance that at least one other person may have one, and a slight chance that they all do. But, even with the chance that it's just the two that have guns, I can know only one sure bet as to which of the people do, the owner or clerk. Who has the other is a crap shoot. It could be the camo'd redneck, the soccer mom, the little nerdy guy looking at the carbs in the soda he's thinking about buying, or... it could be the grandma over there minding her business picking out some pork rinds... And, like everything else, well regulated and laws to protect those on both sides of the fence of the subject. If you have a history of physical unprovoked violence, such as beating your wife or kids. Nope, no gun for you. I don't care if you didn't get a felony over it or not. You show viloent tendancies, so you're out.

Marriage laws should be restructured as well, I think if you want the divorce, you shouldn't get the others money. If you need their money that bad, then don't damn well leave untill you don't. Alimony should only be given under the right circumstances, like infedility and you haven't worked in the past five years, or something like that. If you're not at fault for the divorce, the courts should look in your favor. Adultry should come back as a viable excuse for divorce. Domestic violence, or abuse of any kind involving you or your children. And, that will put you at no fault, even if you file.

Kids. That's our future leaders, businessmen, mothers and fathers. They should be take care of, taught well, and gromed into the perfect version of who they are. Schools, should be better regualted than they are, only one set of cirriculum should be taught, schools should be syncronized to where a student can go from one school to another and not get lost or fall behind, not get bored because they're so far ahead of the others. Now, there are some exceptionally smart kids, that deserve to and can advance in grades faster than their peers, they shouldn't be held back because of their age.

Ribbons shouldn't be given for particapation. But, kids should be rewarded for excelling in whatever they do. That's how the world works, you get paid and promoted based on your performance, not because you tried.

Also, affirmative action and right to work should be banned. I believe that whoever is better for the job and can do it the best should get the job, regardless of what they look like or believe. Plain and simple, if you can't do the work you can't have the job. If you can't do it as well as someone else, you don't get the same pay.

There is a whole list of crap I could rant about and talk about in my presedential bid. But, I'm tired of typing and I got stuff to do. So, if you have an issue, and you want my opinion about, leave me a comment.

Thanks for reading, and my apologies for being gone for far too long. Thanks, for sticking with me.

Heaven or Hell 11/3/12

It seems I didn't get your attention with the Heaven or Hell posts. But, the scenario that I laid out should make you think about civilizations moral compass a bit. And, hopefully you thought about what exactly are morals in the first place, which is why I started the Heaven or Hell series of posts. I have noticed that no matter how much "good" a person does for their fellow man, how many times he has helped others out, be it a simple warm meal, blankets in the winter, fans in the summer, clothes on his back, or shoes on his feet. It seems to take only one "bad" thing to bring it all down and for him to be declared a sorry piece of shit, a sinner, evil, no good, or a vast number of other things that shouldn't be said in public. Yet, on the other hand, if a person does nothing but "bad" for others, doesn't give to charities, sells drugs, beats his wife, or her husband (It does happen people), or any other thing that society has decided was "bad" or evil. And, they decide to have a heart once because he goes to the soup kitchen with his mom to help, they look at him and say, "No big deal", "He's just doing it for ....", they're always skeptical as to his motives, and even if he flies straight from that moment on, people still look at him and say, "Well, you remember twenty years ago, he's the one that...". Whatever the case may be, he will never live it down.

I ask you why is it. Why when someone does a little something "bad" do people have a negative perspective of him, regardless of what or how much "good" he has done. Or, when they do a lot of "bad", when they do something "good" it is pretty much ignored or looked upon with skepticism.

Why does the negative so much outweigh the positive. Are, we just microscoping the "bad" to make ourselves feel better, programed to remember the "bad" out of self preservation, or do we really know why we're like this.

This reminds me of a story that describes what I'm talking about to a T. I'm not sure where the story came from, who came up with it, or if it was originally intended to be the joke it is today, or if it was suppose to project a moral lesson. But, it is very fitting to our train of thought.

A little boy asked old man Tom how he got his nickname.
Old man Tom replied, "Son. Ya' see that beautiful bridge over yonder that crosses the river goin' outta town".
The boy says, "Yea!"
Tom, "Well, I designed and built that bridge, as well as more en half the ones in this county. Ya' know tha Town Hall."
Boy, "Yea!"
Tom, "Same thing there, I designed and built it as well, and nearly a quarter of the business and houses in this here town. You, know the statue of the man this here town was named after, ya know down in the square".
Boy, "Sure do!"
Tom, "Now I weren't much on carvin' but my brother was the best in the land, I laid out the design for it and he carved it out of the same limestone we build the Town Hall and Babtist Church out of. Ya, gettin' me now son".
Boy, "I sure am, mister Tom!"
Tom, "Now you ever hear any these town folk call me Old Man Tom, the Bridge Builder. No. Nor do they call me Old Man Tom, the House Builder. And, they sure as hell ain't never called me Old Man Tom, the Statue Artist. Ya ever hear 'um call me that. Why hell no ya ain't, cause they ain't never done it. But, ya fuck one goat...."