Monday, July 21, 2014

Do we sweat while swimming II

To continue with the thought of life... Do we even really exist. Or, are we just a dream someone is having in another realm. What makes us think and why. I know the scientific explanation and all. Sparks of electric jumping from one receptor to another, bouncing around our brain like a pinball. But, what makes those sparks of electricity different from the ones in your household wires inside the walls. They don't create thought, or do they. Does the lightbulb think about illuminating your den. Does the radio in your car think about the songs and commercials it plays. What makes animals different than machines in the sense of having the ability to think, respond, and react to our environment. Like with the ability to feel, both physically and emotionally, what is the purpose of feeling. It makes sense to feel physically, because it helps keep us out of danger. Don't touch that it's too hot, it will burn you to death. Which for some reason I imagined Wile E. Coyote being burned to a crisp and falling into a pile of ashes like a matchstick while writing that.
Or, hey you better find shelter or covering because it's cold as hell out here and you'll freeze. On a side note, how the hell did we come up with the saying "cold as hell", when hell is supposed to be consumed in flames. Side side note, if hell is hot and firey, would heaven be cold and icy. And, hey that's too sharp/unstable/slippery to walk on. I could go on, but I shouldn't.

With, emotional feelings, I don't understand the porpoise of really any of our "feelings". Why do we feel love and hate, envy and greed, depression and grief, happy and sadness, indifference and the need to be accepted. These are just thoughts that pinball in your brain. And, most seem to be a disadvantage to the population of this rock. And they fucking all overlap each other. Take love, lust, greed, envy, and jealousy. Lust is a precursor to love, but also to envy which is a source of greed which leads to jealousy when what you love is in the posesion of someone else. Which leads to hatered of that someone else, leads to sadness of not having what you love and lusted over, leads to indifference eventually. On the other hand if you do acquire what you lusted over and do come to love that thing, you will begin to be happy. Maybe. But, what if that something turns out not to be what you had grown to love and what brought you happiness. Then here comes good old indifference again, which may lead to depression. Also, what if you love this thing and are truly happy, then what is the point of finding something else that you admire. Why are we seemingly programmed to both love and lust two different objects at the same time. Having two cars, horses, motorcycles or any small things like televisions and radios makes sense to me. That way you have a back up incase one fails or dies. But, two homes, how can you have a summer home and a winter home. Seem like neither would really be a home. Having multiples of anything soon gets repetitive and redundant. But, yet we lust whilst we love. At the same time greed and charity can coexist. The greatest philanthropist are the wealthiest for a reason. They're driven to make more money, so they're the ones that have the most to give. The may serve lunch and dinner every day at the local shelter, but can only do that because they can afford to pay someone else to run their companies and make money for them. Not saying that their greed is necessarily bad, just that it's necessary. 

Greed doesn't denote evil. But can. Exactly what is evil. Or good for that matter. Is theft evil. What if it's a poor man that can't afford to feed his child, would you cut off his hands for a loaf of bread and a sack of potatoes. What if he stole your lawnmower to sell for food. Or, crack. Would you castrate a thirty year old man for sleeping with a sixteen year old girl. If she consented. What if the genders were reversed, a thirty year old woman and a sixteen year old boy. Why pat the boy on the back, but send the man to the stocks. What is the definition of murder. Or revenge. When does self defense turn into justice turn into revenge turn into murder. Why is it ok to kill another human only when you're in immediate danger of your life being taken from you. Why is it ok for someone to sucker punch you then run, but not ok for you to track them down and beat their asses. Sure, a short chase is favorably looked upon, but what if you don't see the fucker for a week. 

What if the religious among us are right and there is a God or gods. And, with either a singular god with many names or multiple gods, the results come up the same and we either go to heaven or hell. What is our purpose there. Mainly in Heaven, to what end would we serve in a heaven or a hell or a purgatory. To just exist eternally forever. Even if the space is infinite it's going to get crowded. And, do non-earth aliens go to the same Heaven and Hell. Would we even notice if they do. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Just Some Stuff I Came Across.

These I took whilest out and about living life. 
(Except this one) One big snapper. 
Just some chickens in my backyard. 

(Caption withheld)

Didn't know there was a need for this, yet it exists. 

These I found while browsing the interwebs the last few days. The one with the boy and chicken I have as my wallpaper on my phone. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Do We Sweat While Swimming...

I came up with that question a few months ago, and it got me wondering about a lot of things (more so than I already do) about life and our planet. Some goofy things, some serious, some I wonder if anybody has ever put serious thought into. For an example, the how we got here and why conversation that started when we first learned to think. Beside, the whole creation versus evolution versus transplanted issue. I wonder if dogs wonder how they got here. How about my chickens and ducks. Dolphins. Apes and monkeys. How far does their thought process go. Do they believe in any god. If not, will they go to hell. Do plants dream. I know that'll bring up that they don't have brains, so they can't dream or think. But, neither do jellyfish or corals. So, how do they know what to do. Instinct you say. How can instinct have any more a part of life than thought if there is no brain. Do plants have souls or a conscious. 

Now back to the how we got here debate. Notice I mentioned transplanted. How do we know it was either creation or evolution, when this obvious third option should be explored and debated in depth just as the other two are. Or, hell how about a fourth, that we just popped into existence out of nowhere. Not created, evoulted or transplanted. Just like a mini Big Bang, poof here's some humans... And a walrus, because fuck it, why not. How do we know for absolut sure that we're the most advanced civilization that's ever lived on this planet. What makes us so arrogant that we believe that we're the most advanced beings to have ever existed, here or anywhere. 

While were on this general subject. If life originated in Africa, then why am I white. Now, I know that the very dark skinned people of Africa is an evolutionary trait from being out in the extreme sun and heat. But, as history has shown, the oldest races on Earth have fairly dark skin. Take the people of the Middle East, they definitely don't have white skin, more of a deep tan. Even going by the bible and using the Jewsih people as an example, they have fairly tanned skin. Having light skin such as I do seems like a evolutionary disadvantage. Yea, I know darker skinned people are at higher risk for certain cancers and still get sun burned. But, besides that white skin only helps you blend in with the snow, if you're naked. I have a hard time believing that skin got lighter because we started migrating north to Europe and northern Asia. Therefore to colder climates and had to bundle up to keep warm. Mainly because if you compare the clothing that people wear in the Middle East and all along the equator with that of the people in the most northern parts of the world. You will notice that they both are pretty well completely covered up, and have dressed like that for centuries. Although for different reasons. 

Why couldn't there have been different colonies of humans come about at the same time on different parts of the globe. Mabe we're all hybrids. Just like mules and most hybrids are infirtle for the most part. But, every now and again you may have one pop up fertile. And, if that happens enough, you can have a whole new species that can reproduce with the combined characteristics of the original parents. That's some true evolutionary shit there. Not only do we have a new species of animal, we have combined traits from the two parent species. Most likely developing an all together better animal. 

I have plenty more to say on all of these subjects, but my time has run out for the now. 

Now, I'm sure people have thought of this stuff before. And, they may have seriously considered the thought. But, my biggest question is why would any of these theories be rejected for any reason. By science or the general populace. Because it can't be proven religiously or scientifically. When neither science nor religions has proven to be absolut in the past. Just think of what we think they believed in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Many gods and flat earths. Who's to say that we weren't created by God. Who's to say we didn't evolve. Who's to say that we didn't colonize the earth from another planet and just lost the history. Who's to say plants don't think. Who's to say you don't sweat while swimming. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just Wondering...

...Do we sweat while swimming.

...Were there claustrophobic cave men.

...What if they were scared of the dark.

...Who looked at a snail and said, "I wonder what that tastes like".

...If his friend said, "I bet it's crunchy".

...Do you still call it a six shooter if it only holds five rounds. (Five shooter just sounds wrong)

...Why were they called Musketeers when they carried rapiers.

...Why do people say, "I'm going to take a bath" when all they have is a shower.

...What people expect to do with their guns after they run out of ammunition during the zombie apocalypse.

...Or for that fact, what's their back up plan after they run out of ammo.

...How many times the world has ended, and we just haven't been privy to it.

...What chickens are like in the wild.

...Who saw a kind of roundish kind of ovalish thing fall out of a chickens butt, and wondered what it would taste like. 

...If it was the same guy as the snail.