Saturday, December 29, 2012

On The Ban-wagon

There's a still a lot of talk about banning guns, and what could have prevented this shooting and that one. And, how if there were no guns in the U.S.A. these people wouldn't be dead. And, other bullshit that ignorance brings with it. And, then I come across a photoshop of Timothy McVeigh...
...and then read a comment on it about banning guns, because the majority of murders are committed by people with guns. And, it kinda set wrong with me.
It's not so much the ban-don't ban guns argument, but the ignorance of people that want to make the arguments. Blaming crime and murder on guns, is like blaming speeding tickets and wrecks on cars. Unless you drive a Toyota, your car isn't going to drive down the road it's self and run into things and people, nor is it going to drag race the neighbours Prius. My Colt will not kill anyone whilst lying on my nightstand. Nor will an Uzi get up and make its way to a school and just start killing people. Someone, usually a person of the human persuasion, has to start the car and press the skinny pedal to make the car speed and run into things, just like I have to pick up my Colt to kill an intruder. Just like some picked on kid has to pick up that Uzi and carry the sumbitch to the damn school and shoot it up.
If we ban guns to reduce crime, we may as well ban cars to reduce accidents, ban sex to prevent teen pregnancy, ban natural gases and wood to prevent fires, ban male-female integration to prevent rape, ban knives to prevent cuts, ban... Hell lets just ban everyfuckingthing... Here's ya a tent and a stick. You'll be safe now.
Now something I found funny on The Chive.

Friday, December 28, 2012


While parusing the webs this morning. I came across this set of videos called Mansome. It's a guide for being more manly. (Insert gutteral, primal grunts here) I only have time to watch one of the videos, (the one that poped up on my Yahoo front page) so I won't give it a half assed review. But, the video I did watch, is about how to easily start a fire with a tampon. This episode is called Manpon, to which I chuckeled a bit as I went to click the link. I have the main page bookmarked to check out at my leisure, and will see if it's worth messing with and if the tips on grooming, survival, grilling, and whatever else they have on there are worth a damn. But, I found this video slightly funny, and I did learn a little something, kinda...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After

The day is over, Christmas is done. The time, nay days for shopping has begun. The snow has fallen and the department stores are a callen. Warm up the truck, and wish us luck. Head into town with nary a frown. Pull in the lot and what should I see. Thousands of people with the same idea as me. The sidewalks all crowded and there's a line at the door. They're not even open and there's people asleep on the floor. The parking lot's full, I have to park in the back. It's about this time I start wishing, Santa had just left his sack. What was once a joy has turned to a chore. Feels more like I'm heading into a war. So, "To hell with this," I say. "We'll, just come back another day." The gift cards are good, if I'm understood. Till the end of the year. So let's go home, I'm ready for a beer.

Or maybe eggnog...

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some Random Stuff.

I hate days like today, when I have a bunch of stuff rambling through my head, but can't get them organised enough for coherent thought. Sometimes I have a tendency to babel about random shit. Enjoy.

A business card sized piece of parchment was found that indicates that Jesus may have been married. And, it seems to caused quite a stir. A lot of religious doctrine is based on the idea that Jesus was celibate, or un-married, which is often confused with chaste or chastity, which is the vows that monks and the pope take is a vow of chastity, which means remaining pure and abstaining from sex. The woman that identified the papyrus named it The Gospel Of Jesus Wife. Here's the translation of it. And, is has been disputed as a fake or forgery. But, from what I can tell, the main uproar from the Vatican and the churches is that it seems to indicate that Jesus wasn't single, and boned on a regular basis, being married and all. I know it's hard for man to admit when we're wrong, but when you're way off or something comes up that may put your thinking back a few thousand years. I think it should be worth a serious look and some serious contemplation. Also, as it would turn out, it was a common belief in ancient times that Jesus was married, seemingly before the formation of the Catholic Church, which has had substantial effect on world wide Christian religions. It was the Catholic Church that decided what books of the bible were kept, what doctrine was, and pretty well molded Christianity into what it is today. The Apocrypha, which are gospels either left out of The Bible, or discovered after the compilation of it's current incarnation. Some of which were left out because of authenticity reasons, accuracy, and some for reasons unknown. What I wonder is, if Jesus was married, what does it matter in the long run, does it really change the core of Christianity? I wouldn't think so. I would think that The Pope, and chaste monks would rejoice in the revelation of Jesus being married. "Sister Anne, please meet me in my study after dinner." I don't think that Jesus having a wife would or should shake the foundations of Christianity. Now, if we found out that his father was say, Lucifer or Darth Vader, then you may have some foundation and core rocking going on there. But, even in that case, what would we learn, either that Jesus was sent to earth or foil God's grand plan. Or, that some names got mixed up, as people are bound to to at times. About the only thing that I can see that would bring the walls of the Christian religions down, is if we found the last page of The Bible, and it simply said "The End".

Facebook gets on my nerves. There's too much crap to like, too many companies that want your attention, too many "I'm taking a dump" and "Starbucks is soo good" status updates. It's damn rediclous. I go on my wall to check things out, and I go back two pages and haven't made it past noon, and it's mostly from pages I like and click here for your game coins or gifts or whatthefuck ever. And, it doesn't even have a cool layout or design like MySpace does. But, eveybody's there because it's newer, not necessarily better, but newer. You get on your page, click through a bunch of Farmville requests, stare a a blue and white page, and think what the hell am I doing? And, you know what the real bitch of it is? I'm going to post a link to my blog on there after I publish it.

I like to think of myself as a master builder of small things. I'm pretty damn handy with a saw, hammer, and drill. I can build damn near anything you can imagine out of wood. I'm currently working on a chicken house and coop, and will post pictures when I'm done. But, the main problem is, I don't have a variety of tools, I kinda need to do the projects I want to do. And, damn sure don't have to tools I want and need to go into production of my projects to sell them. It's like being a professional fisherman that just has a Zebco 33 on an Ugly Stick and nothing else.

Well, thanks for reading my rants. Have a Merry Christmas y'all.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's The Holidays.

This is hoping that all y'all have a nice safe holiday. A merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year.
May your resolutions manifest into what you plan on and thank y'all for hanging 'round through the thick and the thin of this blog.

Now, I can't say as I did very well on my resolutions. I did improve on my weight, lost about thirty or forty pounds, and spent more time outside, curbed my cussing a bit (that one was tougher that I figured), and have worked more on instilling in my children good morals and sense of responsibility, led by example more. Still need improvement on most of them though.

The exercise didn't go as planned, in fact it didn't go at all. And, technically I did do more volunteer work, but not as much as I had initially wanted to. I helped with a lunch to benefit the local Veterans Association, and helped with our Veterans Day celebration, and me and my wife partially sponsored a local toy drive with the school. But, I want to do more next year.

And, that's my resolutions for next year, not to make any more changes. But, to just improve on what I've already started. And, balls to bones, that's all you can really do, is to just to improve on what you've started. And, just like one of my old sayings, "Just Keep On Keepin' On."

In Case I Missed It...

So, how did Armageddon go? I think I missed it. Probably slept right through it.

Friday, December 21, 2012

12/21/2012, The End Of The World As We Know It

Well, doomsday has finally arrived! It's the end of the world as we know it! Hope you've stocked up on supplies, planes will crash, trains will jump their tracks, cars will flip, semi trucks will jackknife, and bicycles will run backwards when you pedal forward! Running for your life is useless because it will get you no matter where you hide! Say your prayers and hope a God in some form or fashion exists! And, when you lay down tonight cuddle up with your loved one or in a ball with your head between your legs and kiss your ass good bye!


I call bullshit. Truth of the matter is, every day is the end of the world as we know it. The world today, isn't the same as the one yesterday, nor will it be the same tomorrow as it is today. Something happens everyday that changes our world, for better or worse, small or grand, something changes. But, this whole doomsday today stuff I believe is just hogwash. Yes, today is the last day of the Mayan calendar. So what? A week from Monday is the end of our calendar, for this year. The Mayans didn't say that today was the last day of the world, just the end of the current cycle of their calendar. And, I bet that when tomorrow wakes us up, it will be the beginning of the next cycle of their calendar. So, I'm not buying into all this doomsday prophecy bull. And, if I'm wrong? Who the hell is going to come up to me tomorrow and say, "Told ya so."

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pistols, Rifles, and Grenades! Oh My!

Now, that the dust has settled a little bit over the shootings in Connecticut. It was a sad and tragic event, I feel for the parents and families of the children and teachers that died at Sandy Hook Elementary. What happened may have been preventable, maybe. Laws can not and will not prevent shootings, intentional or accidental. No matter how strict the gun laws may be, someone is going to find a way around them and go ape shit and shoot somebody or go on a rampage at a school, mall, restaurant, amusement park, or where ever they feel like it at the time, regardless of what laws are in place. Case in point, the Sandy Hook shooting wasn't done by a good willed law abiding citizen, the guy that did the killing didn't legally own the guns, not even sure if he was legally able to in the first place. He may have had some mental problems, I have tried to find out if he did or not, couldn't find anything conclusive, just hear say. Same with the kids that at Columbine in Colorado. The kids didn't legally own those guns. Although in both cases the guns were purchased lawfully, they weren't possessed by the shooters legally. So, what did the gun laws prevent? Not a damn thing. And, they never will. As the old saying goes, "If you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns." And, that is the truth of the matter, and I will be one of those outlaws. Now I'm not going to go out shooting up the town, but I damn sure will have one for personal protection for when the criminals come into my home thinking I don't own a gun because they'd be illegal. Criminals don't give a flying fuck about laws, if they did, they damn well wouldn't be criminals. And, granted the school shootings that have happened over the last decade or so are truly tragic, and my heart goes out to the families of the victims. But, banning guns is not only unconstitutional and against the common citizen, it's just plain stupid for reasons I've already mentioned. If guns are banned then criminals will go uncontested except by law enforcement officers, and besides their complete lack of giving a shit, they're outnumbered by thousands to one. And, I will say that ninety percent or more cops do actually care about their jobs and aren't corrupt, and it's not the corruption that is my main complaint. But, I am in no means in good shape, I'm a fucking fat as hell, although I have lost about fifty pounds in the last year. I'm still to fat to be doing much running, and there are cops every where I go that I could easily outrun and not even be out of breath. Sure, they have guns and can legally use them if needed. But, I and every body that has a lick of sense knows that they won't if they come across somebody in a crowed mall or street, unless the person they're after is shooting shit up.

But, I digress.

Lets look at what's really happening here in The United States of America regarding shootings. First off, as sad as these shootings are, what you hear is mostly media hype, they dramatize shit into oblivion. From what I can tell, it's not that it's happening more often or more people are getting killed, it's that the media, and fear mongers are putting it out front for you to see. It's all in the writing, take a look at Mass shootings map from Mother Jones, it's accurate in the factual statements. But, by adding buzzwords like, epidemic, arsenal, blasting, and massacre. Now I'm not saying that these words were inappropriately used, but they were used to entice a reaction from the reader. The media does this all the time. Even according to this website, there have been sixty-two in the last thirty years. Damn, you say, sixty-two that's a lot. Yea, it's a lot, but that's barely more that two a year. Gangs and criminals probably kill more people in a year, than all sixty-two of these mass shootings have combined. I couldn't find any conclusive or accurate, there are a lot of cases of shootings in cities with high gang presence that the findings are inconclusive as to who or why the person or people were killed. And, here's a post from The Washington Post, Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in The United States. And, here is a chart from DPIC, Death Penalty Information CenterMurder rates nationally by state. Take note that the numbers on the right of the chart from DPIC are per one hundred thousand, so let's take my home state here. According to DPIC, Oklahoma had a murder rate of five and a half people per 100,000 last year, with a population of 3,791,508 according to the US Census Bureau, that gives us 208 deaths that year. That is nearly ten Sandy Hooks, and our rate hasn't fluctuated much in the last fifteen years. Actually according to DPIC, murder rates have dropped overall over the last fifteen years. And, from what I can tell the number of mass murders hasn't gone up significantly in the last thirty years, just the media and fear mongers want to put it out front to make you think that violence in our nation is getting worse, when in fact it seems quite the opposite to me. And, I believe that more guns in the hands of civilians will do nothing but put that trend on a quicker path to lower murder rates and reduced crimes committed against society and the general populace.

As a population and citizens of this nation, and this planet. We need to stand up for ourselves, and not let the government control our lives. If you don't take control of your own life, someone else will, and you probably won't like where you end up. If you expect someone else to make your rules and guide your life and babysit your sorry asses, then you have no room to bitch about how your life turns out or what happens to you. I believe that our government should be in a near anarchy state, not total anarchy, but as a support system to the citizens taking care of business. Make laws that regard the nation as a whole, not just sub-groups. Government laws should protect our citizens not hinder them. They should make our country a better place to live, not be a thumb on your back to hold you in place to keep you from getting hurt. If you want your government to make your decisions for you, then you need to move to one of the countries that have a dictator instead of a president, that are communist or militant. Move to China, where the government tells you how many kids you can have. Move to Cuba, Burma, or Niger where you don't have any rights for shit. You don't want to move to those countries??? Then you just want to turn The United States of America into one of those countries then? No? Well, you're off to a hellova start with stricter gun control laws, especially the outright banning of guns to citizens.

Well, I'm not done, but I've got shit to do today. But, I'll leave you with this little bit of inspiration.

If you give up your guns, you give up your rights and freedom.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sharin' Some More Music I Love

Not sure if I've shared this first one before or not, I couldn't find it my past posts. So, here it is. The first one I have fell in love with just beecause Eric Lee Beddingfield is an amazing vocalist, and the subject is just badass, kinda reminds me of shortly after I got my first divorce and spent a hallova lot of time at my Dad's bar, Dad was a huge George Jones fan. And, as you'be probably guessed I like a mix of music, from counrty to heavy metal and a little rap. And, I believe I have found a nice combination of the country and metal in the second video. It's Volbeat doing a good job on a quitessential country song from Hank Williams. The second Volbeat song reminds me of an old song from the big band era, but nice and heavy. Number four is an established band, Three Days Grace, and this is their newest offering for public display, and it's just bad ass. And, the last one is Eminem and Lil Wayne, and definately not safe for work, unless you work on a drilling rig, bar, music studio, or a whorehouse. Yet, it's a damn good song.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best Damn Article Ever.

This is one of the best articles ever written. I highly recommend most of the articles I share here, but this is a must read and pass. No, its not any of that pass this on and Zimbabwe will never be hungry again, or if you send it to twelve people and get it back five times you'll come into money next week horse shit. It's just a good honest harsh grab ya by the saggies and swing article. I file it under, Shit I know now but wish I would have known twenty six years ago and was learned this kind of brutal honesty. 6 HarshTruths That Will Make You A Better Person