Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Think I May Run For President.

I figure hell why not, I can't do any worse than the presidents we've had in the past. Now, I have nothing against our President, nor the one's we've had in the past. But, it seems they're too damn worried about politics to actually do anything for our country. There is a lot of talk and smoke and curtains before the elections, and then afterwords...NOTHING. Don't know why, but it just does. From, "No new taxes!" to "Change". Now, I know that it's pretty damn difficult to fulfill campaign promises because of Congress bureaucracy. They're too damn busy arguing over who's right to get any thing done. Too worried about being a Democrat or Republican, (right wing, left wing, liberal, conservative, whatever you want to call it) to actually work toward making the right changes for our country for continued growth.

We're supposed to be a World Power, the back bone of the United Nations. But, we're tripping ourselves up and about to come crashing down because of our government. The Political Parties are too busy arguing and trying to one up the others to make any progress for our nation. A perfect example was the debate over the national debt a few years back. During the debate over the national debt a few years back, one party came up with a solution to completely eliminate the national debt in seven years, sounded damn good to me at the time, and it would have nearly been paid off by now, but the other decided that it wasn't good enough and it should be done in five. So, neither plan got put into place because one would take too long and the other would put too much strain on the national budget. Now, as you should vary well know since there was no plan put into place our national debt hasn't went down but has went up since this debate. And, it was nothing but a sibling rivalry that kept it from happening, so would the seven year plan have really been that bad? I think not.

Even today it's the same damn story. They're saying let's help the little people and small business owners, get this economy going uphill. But, they're not doing anything to actually help. They spent billions to bail out the big companies, big banks, big auto, big oil. Everybody but the little guy. They passed this tax bill to help stimulate the economy, "Buy a house, get thousands." What wasn't well published is the fact that you'd have to pay back the money from the tax credits, and it counted as income. And, with the bank bail outs, that just kept the people with the money from having to file bankruptcy while the people that put the big companies in the bind they were in still couldn't afford to make their house payments, their car payments, insurance, hell it was hard to even buy groceries and pay bills. But, they didn't try to help the people that have the real debt, if they would have helped the citizens of The United States of America, this whole economic depression would be pretty well over by now. They spent billions of dollars and estimates of total costs are into the trillions. I've seen cost estimates of twenty to forty thousand per PERSON, if they would have given this money to the taxpayers/citizens that would have done more to stimulate the economy that the plan they utilized. I know if they would have given me that much, married with three kids, one to two hundred thousand dollars, I would have paid off my truck and house, bought a new bike and a few other toys, already have had my company started, and the saved back the rest (little less than half if it was the lower end of the estimate). Which I would bet that's what most Americans would have done, so the money would have got to the companies anyway. So it would have helped everybody. And of course there would have been some that just blew it all, and others that would have saved it all. But, like I said, I'd bet that at least sixty to seventy percent of Americans would have split the money between catching up and saving.

Now if I were to run for President my objectives would be a little bit radical compared to what you see today. I would work for a flat tax of fifteen percent, the ONLY people that would qualify for a tax break would be people that fall under the poverty level. I'm personally all for paying my taxes and funding our government, and I would happily give fifteen percent of my wages to them IF Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, Oprah, and the other people that make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year payed their fifteen percent.

And the only gun laws I would support would put guns in the hands of law abiding American citizens, and for proper GUN EDUCATION. Just like you hear in the news when a kid shoots his little brother with daddy's thirty eight, "I didn't know it was real!", "I thought it was a toy! We were just playing cops and robbers." They don't fucking know the difference because they have been protected from the gun because it was hidden from them and they weren't taught about the gun and how to use it and how it works as a tool. If they want to bring violence down they need to put their money into education instead of control. And, as far as types of guns you could own, I would make it open. Now, if you need a fully automatic AK-47 to hunt a deer, you should just stay home and buy beef. But, for recreational purposes and for national defence I think they should hand them out at every military base, but only one per person and you have to be registered to that gun, and if you sell it, HEAVY PENALTIES.

And, with driving, I would work to make it a requirement to have a motorcycle license and at least two years of experience riding before you could get a regular divers license, and then another five years before you could get a CDL. Example coming up. What do you hear most when you hear of a car hitting a bike? "I didn't see him coming." That's because you either can't see, or you didn't look. PERIOD! Now you'll notice that the vast majority of the people that didn't see the biker are in fact not bikers, and have never been on a motorcycle. So they don't know the true danger of riding, or the effects a wreck will cause. Plain and simple, bikers look when driving, non-bikers usually don't.

I have many other things I would work on, and I wouldn't stay quiet about thing that the government wanted me too. Which is how it looks from my front porch. The Presidential Candidates talk big during the elections and on their campaign trails. But, when they get elected it's like they get a personal custom made muzzle and all you hear from them is a bunch of runaround talk and silence.


  1. Hell, I'd vote for you, Jeff. I'm tired of these career politicians that have no experience in the real world that the rest of us live in.

  2. Thanks, GP and BR. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that sees what's going on with our government. And, here's my famous campaign quote, "A horse for every household." There I said it.