Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More life shit.

This is how I was raised by my grandparents (sorta), you didn't pass the potatoes at the table, the only thing that got passed was the salt and pepper (together mind you because they're a pair). Momma fixed the plates while pops and kids were getting situated at the table and pops plate was always brought out first and then the kids with momma bringing hers out when she came to sit. Then, if you were religious you prayed then you began to eat. Yes, everybody had their plates and were sitting at the table and you ate as a family. But, the main message of this is for people to fucking quit putting their kids before their husbands or wives. By doing that, you show that the husband or wife has no say in what happens and doesn't deserve respect. And, I wholly agree with that sentiment. My last two divorces were over her kids having more authority than I and for her arguing with me, (in front of the kids, mind you) when I'd try to correct her kids in some way. And, I don't care who it is, I'll tell them straight up, if you're going to put your kids before me. Then that's all you have as far as I'm concerned. Especially since if I want a relationship with someone, they will be put before my kids. Now, before anybody goes off half cocked. I'm not saying your kids should be put to the side for your man or woman, you're supposed to be a goddamn FAMILY. And, if either side is being neglected or it's otherwise detrimental to any of the children. Then, that relationship shouldn't exist. I'm not sure what my relationship beliefs would be called. Because what we consider tradition now, was new age for my grandparents. E. g. in my grandmas home, growing up and in her adult years, dinner was served to the men first and when they had their fill, then elder (8ish +) children, then the women and younger children got what was left. I don't see that going over today, even in a "traditional" household, nor do I believe it should. I do believe it's the mans job to provide for his family, and take of the homestead, and the woman should be able to stay home and raise their children properly. Also, in my grandparents day, every able body had a job and chores, you're old enough to walk, you were old enough to work. Now, I'm not talking about having them milk cows and mow the yard, but there was something they could do, help feed chickens, help string beans, sort beans, or more modernly, sort clothes, clean, vacuum, pick up toys and trash. But, I don't have a problem with a man staying home while his wife works. It's just whatever works for each family, in my opinion. But, what's missing now a days is the respect part. And, it's because people "put their kids first". And that's bullshit. Personally, I will not have my woman "correct" me or get onto me because I corrected their kid or told them not to do something or to not do something, there will be no argument about it. No, this isn't any of that my way or the highway shit, but if you have a problem with what I say or do, it can be discussed later in private, and then we can work it out or decide to go our separate ways. But, it will be guaranteed that if you get onto me or argue with me about something I said to your kid, different ways will be gone. And, I also guarantee that I won't correct you in front of mine or yours. That's just giving the kids the impression that there are two sets of rules and two septet families that just happen to hang out a lot or live together. 

And, this is in essence what's wrong with the world and society today. There is no respect and there is a lot of separation. All this us verses them shit, and different sets of rules and privileges depending on what you look like and what what you were born with. And, it's bullshit.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Insurance Woes.

It's fucked up to me that insurance is set up the way it is here in the U. S. A. All insurance is a scam, a fucking scam that is required by law. But, I'm focusing more on health insurance and health care. I just laid down $85 damn dollars for a doctor to tell me my daughter has ,what I think is strep, and give her antibiotics. Then, I'll have to go across the street to the pharmacy t and drop another $20-30 on the prescription. (Yup, strep throat and $65 for medicine.)

Now before we get too far into this and I get people saying this that or the other about I should have insurance. I did, got denied recently by Soonercare because I make too much money. Yet, if I buy insurance through my job the cheapest is over $500 a month, a goddamn month. My biggest check from work has be about $1300 for a month, but I average about a grand a month. Oh, I should get a higher paying job? I chased drilling rigs from 1994 to 2011. Made damn good money, and got out as this last boom was just hitting its stride. Yet, look where the oilfield's at now. Thousands out of work with more getting laid off daily. You only hear about it when a company lays of hundreds at a time. You don't hear about when twenty roughnecks get told they don't have a job because the rig doesn't another hole to go to. You don't hear about when a hand goes in sicker than a dog, because he can't miss a day, because there ain't anyone to cover his job and he'd probably lose his job even if they did. My job is stable, for now. And, on top of that my hourly pay is still considered "good" pay. 

$10/hr is considered good pay where I'm from, so I'll break it down using that. If a person is making $10/hr works 40 hrs/wk, that amounts to $400/wk. For four weeks that comes to $1600 or $20800 a year, which would average to a little over $1700 a month. After income tax at 15% you get about $1475. Then you're left with about $500 a month, after your house payment and utilities, to pay for fuel, phone and insurance. Through my work, insurance averages over $500 a month for one person. Now, my insurance is paid for, but to add my kid it's over $500 a month for health, dental, vision and life. Yet, I'm denied state insurance because I make too much money. 

My kid has strep throat, I knew this when I left the house for the doctors office this morning. But, that knowledge didn't save me the $85 for the appointment to get a prescription for it. Nor, did it save me the $65 for the medicine. And, it damn sure ain't going to cover the pay I lost by having to take off work to take her to the doctor and get her medicine. So, now I ask, why the fuck did I have to shell out a day's pay to the doctor, for him to look at my kid, say "yup you got strep" and call in a prescription for it. From the time we arrived till the time we left was less than a half hour. Shit, if I was making half that an hour, I wouldn't be worried about money or paying for insurance. Also, why the hell does insurance cost $500 a damn month. I understand it's incaseshit, but at an even $500 that's $6000 a year. For basically nothing. Just in case I may need to see a doctor or have surgery, of which you still have a copay, and deductibles, and then even if you meet your yearly deductible you still have to pay a good chunk of money to cover what insurance doesn't.

It's bullshit. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Ya know, with all this transgender crap in the media here lately. It kind makes me want to put on a dress and heels and take up a urinal right next to these guys, and see just how bad people would rather me go in the MENS restroom. I mean hell, most guys are uncomfortable when a straight man uses the next urinal over. I couldn't even imagine the reaction they have over a transgendered man/woman. I also would like to know if they'd feel the same about a woman that identified as a man followed their little boy into the men's room. Edits later...