Sunday, August 14, 2011

Now What?!

Well, I got the damn hat, now where the hell do I throw it in at? This country is going to shit and it seems that no one really cares. And, if I had the damn money to buy my way into the Presidential Race, I damn sure would. Now, I know that the President has no real power anymore, he's just a damn puppet for Congress. Ok, maybe that's a bit overstated, but as we all should know, that the campaign promises that every Presidential Candidate makes they in no way can enforce or make into law without the House and Senate both approving it, and with the Democrats and Republican to busy fighting and worrying about proving the other party wrong, not much really gets done. I strongly believe that we as a country and as Americans have gotten way far away from the original vision of our founding fathers when they signed The Declaration of Independence, and wrote The Bill of Rights. I don't think that this is what they had in mind when they wrote The Articles of Confederation back in November of 1777. (Yes, I said The Articles of Confederation, and no it has nothing to do with The American Civil War or The Confederate States of America. It was the first document written after The European Civil War, or as it's known in the history books, The Revolutionary War. And, yes that was just as much a civil war as the one between The North and The South some years later. It was written to join the thirteen colonies into a nation that would stand the test of time, and now we're letting our government, our representatives, tear it down and use it to wipe the shit off their asses.) They didn't imagine a country where the government has is citizens so scared to do anything that we can't even properly defend ourselves, or make our own decisions. Sure you can go get a concealed carry permit, and some states just a gun permit, but damn near every place you go has a damn no guns policy. So, you can own and legally carry a gun, as long as it's kept in your car, and God forbid, no wait... Never mind. Government forbid, you actually use it. Talk about a lawsuit and a medial slaughter. You'd have the Govena, President, and every damn news station on your ass, why did you shoot him, why so many times, was it really necessary, why didn't you call the police???? This country is turning into some new age communist form of rule. And, I for one don't like it, but the majority of the people don't care or want to be ruled like they were in the Old Communist Russia (USSR) or China. They like being told what to do, Take off your shoes, I need all your personal belongings in this tub, here take this x-ray, all in the name of freedom??!! Oh, it's ok since they're doing it to protect us, what the fuck?? Give me a damn Colt 1911 1A .45 ACP and I'll protect my damn self, along with my family and your fat, sorry, government please make rules and regulations
so I don't have to make any decisions or take responsibility for them and can blame the company for not making my seat belt chime and restaurant for making me fat and diabetic with heart problems and high blood pressure and for giving me lung cancer because they said it was a light and miss led my stupid ass because my teachers didn't teach me to read and pay attention it's their fault I didn't like school and flunked because of absences, and like all people I have abandonment issues with my mother and father because they bought me every damn thing I ever looked at for more than two seconds and spent as much time with me as was possible so it made me regress into my own thought and didn't allow me to get close to them, or they were never around and beat me, whichever you prefer today. Fuck you and your bullshit psychosis crap. My apologies, but that's what the majority of the citizens of this country have become, just some whining pussies, that don't want to lift a finger to help themselves and want the government to make regulations so they don't have to. Hell, why else would you sue McDonald's because the put toys in the Happy Meal? Or want guns banned on airplanes, hell after 9-11 you'd think that people would want every honest man and woman to have a legal sidearm on them, ya know just in case. But, no they don't focus on the plane that didn't make it's target and the people that gave their lives so that others could be saved, and went down in Pennsylvania patriotically. They focus on the, "Oh my! Somebody got on a plane with a plastic knife! Washington! You're not doing your jobs!!!! WE NEED MORE REGULATIONS!!!!!! Personally, I'm for less regulation, and more individual freedom, like George Washington, Ben Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Oliver Wolcott, and the other signatories of The Articles of Confederation, The Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution had intended.

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