Monday, August 15, 2011

I Found A New Favorite Band And Song.

Got some Sick Puppies for ya. This first one is my new favorite song. Kinda my anthem really.
I'm doin' just fine, I like where I'm at on my back floating down in my own riptide.


You're Going Down


Free Hugs Campaign

Now this is some damn good rock if ya ask me. I also love the last one, Free Hugs, the video is just awesome, and the whole concept is just phenomenal.
Sick Puppies hails from Australia and consists of Shimon Moore on Guitar and Vocals, Emma Anzai on Bass, and Mark Goodwin (From California) on Drums. Now, I've heard a lot of bands, most with four or five members, that don't sound anywhere near as good as these guys, and gal. I've heard a lot of their music, and they're consistently good. And, I have to say that Emma is the best bass player since Cliff Burton, and she's on par with his late ass.

Hope y'all enjoy the music.

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