Sunday, May 10, 2015

Do Unto Yourself As You Expect Of Others.

As I sit and walk through this life, I have a tendency to watch other people. And, I find it funny how people see the faults in other but not the same ones in themselves. 

I've had acquaintances that I've seen out with other people and then turn around and bitch because they caught their significant other with someone else. I have watched parents gripe about how another parents child acts and ignore their child doing something just as disrespectful. Or, bitch about how this kids parents get them anything they want or buy them something because they had a bad day, yet to their child the meaning of want is to get. 

This isn't about morals, or right and wrong. It's about how we refuse to see in ourselves what we see in others. Not just what's undesirable but also what is desirable. I try to reflect upon myself when I see something in others that I don't agree with and see if I allow the same things in my life and my mind. I may not be perfect but I try to be what I expect of others. 

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