Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kids clothing.

Went to the fair yesterday, had a ball of fun. Kids rode nearly every ride, some twice. Ate the funnel cakes, gryos, and a beer or two. Looked at some cars. Burned a few calories, more than I took in I think. Got to spend some good quality time with the family. It was great.

But, there is one thing I saw that bothered me. Some of these kids and their damn clothing. Mainly the girls, but boys with the saggy jeans, and underware showing, but at least they're covered.

I'm not talking about 16 -17 year olds, or even twenty-somethings. I'm talking about kids eight, nine, ten years old. Wearing short shorts, daisy dukes, and cheek huggers, high heels, peek-a-boo shirts, way too tight by three sizes t-shirts that say lucious or delicious or hottie. WTH?!?!?!

One of my daughters friends, and my daughters are in that preteen range, her parents said they couldn't get their daughters to wear anything else, but low cut jeans, and string bikinis. I'm over there thinking, if ya don't buy the shit, they can't wear it. So, they wouldn't have that choice. What makes parents think that that kind of clothing is appropriate for a child?

Some of the outfits I saw last night, I wouldn't want my wife wearing in public. A ten to twelve year old, or hell even one under sixteen doesn't need to be sexy. And, I don't care for the damn short shorts or skinny jeans on anybody any way. If you think you have to show off your ass cheeks and tits to get attention, I think you need some serious psychological evaluation.

And, then you got a fourteen year old girl in the hospital giving birth, and momma in the waiting room saying, "I don't know how this could have happened!" All crying and shit. Well if you would have bought them some less provocative clothing, and taught them something about sex. Maybe, just maybe then it wouldn't have happened.

Let me ask you something, who would you rather teach your kids about sex? You, or some other kid that doesn't know anything more that your twelve year old does?


  1. That's right babe, our girls are raised to respect themselves and to command respect from others by their actions and choices. We have smart girls that will continue to be raised with the understanding that if you feel you have to reveal your body to get noticed, then you are trying to get attention from people not worth noticing.