Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's The Holidays.

This is hoping that all y'all have a nice safe holiday. A merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year.
May your resolutions manifest into what you plan on and thank y'all for hanging 'round through the thick and the thin of this blog.

Now, I can't say as I did very well on my resolutions. I did improve on my weight, lost about thirty or forty pounds, and spent more time outside, curbed my cussing a bit (that one was tougher that I figured), and have worked more on instilling in my children good morals and sense of responsibility, led by example more. Still need improvement on most of them though.

The exercise didn't go as planned, in fact it didn't go at all. And, technically I did do more volunteer work, but not as much as I had initially wanted to. I helped with a lunch to benefit the local Veterans Association, and helped with our Veterans Day celebration, and me and my wife partially sponsored a local toy drive with the school. But, I want to do more next year.

And, that's my resolutions for next year, not to make any more changes. But, to just improve on what I've already started. And, balls to bones, that's all you can really do, is to just to improve on what you've started. And, just like one of my old sayings, "Just Keep On Keepin' On."

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