Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After

The day is over, Christmas is done. The time, nay days for shopping has begun. The snow has fallen and the department stores are a callen. Warm up the truck, and wish us luck. Head into town with nary a frown. Pull in the lot and what should I see. Thousands of people with the same idea as me. The sidewalks all crowded and there's a line at the door. They're not even open and there's people asleep on the floor. The parking lot's full, I have to park in the back. It's about this time I start wishing, Santa had just left his sack. What was once a joy has turned to a chore. Feels more like I'm heading into a war. So, "To hell with this," I say. "We'll, just come back another day." The gift cards are good, if I'm understood. Till the end of the year. So let's go home, I'm ready for a beer.

Or maybe eggnog...

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