Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some Random Stuff.

I hate days like today, when I have a bunch of stuff rambling through my head, but can't get them organised enough for coherent thought. Sometimes I have a tendency to babel about random shit. Enjoy.

A business card sized piece of parchment was found that indicates that Jesus may have been married. And, it seems to caused quite a stir. A lot of religious doctrine is based on the idea that Jesus was celibate, or un-married, which is often confused with chaste or chastity, which is the vows that monks and the pope take is a vow of chastity, which means remaining pure and abstaining from sex. The woman that identified the papyrus named it The Gospel Of Jesus Wife. Here's the translation of it. And, is has been disputed as a fake or forgery. But, from what I can tell, the main uproar from the Vatican and the churches is that it seems to indicate that Jesus wasn't single, and boned on a regular basis, being married and all. I know it's hard for man to admit when we're wrong, but when you're way off or something comes up that may put your thinking back a few thousand years. I think it should be worth a serious look and some serious contemplation. Also, as it would turn out, it was a common belief in ancient times that Jesus was married, seemingly before the formation of the Catholic Church, which has had substantial effect on world wide Christian religions. It was the Catholic Church that decided what books of the bible were kept, what doctrine was, and pretty well molded Christianity into what it is today. The Apocrypha, which are gospels either left out of The Bible, or discovered after the compilation of it's current incarnation. Some of which were left out because of authenticity reasons, accuracy, and some for reasons unknown. What I wonder is, if Jesus was married, what does it matter in the long run, does it really change the core of Christianity? I wouldn't think so. I would think that The Pope, and chaste monks would rejoice in the revelation of Jesus being married. "Sister Anne, please meet me in my study after dinner." I don't think that Jesus having a wife would or should shake the foundations of Christianity. Now, if we found out that his father was say, Lucifer or Darth Vader, then you may have some foundation and core rocking going on there. But, even in that case, what would we learn, either that Jesus was sent to earth or foil God's grand plan. Or, that some names got mixed up, as people are bound to to at times. About the only thing that I can see that would bring the walls of the Christian religions down, is if we found the last page of The Bible, and it simply said "The End".

Facebook gets on my nerves. There's too much crap to like, too many companies that want your attention, too many "I'm taking a dump" and "Starbucks is soo good" status updates. It's damn rediclous. I go on my wall to check things out, and I go back two pages and haven't made it past noon, and it's mostly from pages I like and click here for your game coins or gifts or whatthefuck ever. And, it doesn't even have a cool layout or design like MySpace does. But, eveybody's there because it's newer, not necessarily better, but newer. You get on your page, click through a bunch of Farmville requests, stare a a blue and white page, and think what the hell am I doing? And, you know what the real bitch of it is? I'm going to post a link to my blog on there after I publish it.

I like to think of myself as a master builder of small things. I'm pretty damn handy with a saw, hammer, and drill. I can build damn near anything you can imagine out of wood. I'm currently working on a chicken house and coop, and will post pictures when I'm done. But, the main problem is, I don't have a variety of tools, I kinda need to do the projects I want to do. And, damn sure don't have to tools I want and need to go into production of my projects to sell them. It's like being a professional fisherman that just has a Zebco 33 on an Ugly Stick and nothing else.

Well, thanks for reading my rants. Have a Merry Christmas y'all.

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