Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sharin' Some More Music I Love

Not sure if I've shared this first one before or not, I couldn't find it my past posts. So, here it is. The first one I have fell in love with just beecause Eric Lee Beddingfield is an amazing vocalist, and the subject is just badass, kinda reminds me of shortly after I got my first divorce and spent a hallova lot of time at my Dad's bar, Dad was a huge George Jones fan. And, as you'be probably guessed I like a mix of music, from counrty to heavy metal and a little rap. And, I believe I have found a nice combination of the country and metal in the second video. It's Volbeat doing a good job on a quitessential country song from Hank Williams. The second Volbeat song reminds me of an old song from the big band era, but nice and heavy. Number four is an established band, Three Days Grace, and this is their newest offering for public display, and it's just bad ass. And, the last one is Eminem and Lil Wayne, and definately not safe for work, unless you work on a drilling rig, bar, music studio, or a whorehouse. Yet, it's a damn good song.

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