Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pistols, Rifles, and Grenades! Oh My!

Now, that the dust has settled a little bit over the shootings in Connecticut. It was a sad and tragic event, I feel for the parents and families of the children and teachers that died at Sandy Hook Elementary. What happened may have been preventable, maybe. Laws can not and will not prevent shootings, intentional or accidental. No matter how strict the gun laws may be, someone is going to find a way around them and go ape shit and shoot somebody or go on a rampage at a school, mall, restaurant, amusement park, or where ever they feel like it at the time, regardless of what laws are in place. Case in point, the Sandy Hook shooting wasn't done by a good willed law abiding citizen, the guy that did the killing didn't legally own the guns, not even sure if he was legally able to in the first place. He may have had some mental problems, I have tried to find out if he did or not, couldn't find anything conclusive, just hear say. Same with the kids that at Columbine in Colorado. The kids didn't legally own those guns. Although in both cases the guns were purchased lawfully, they weren't possessed by the shooters legally. So, what did the gun laws prevent? Not a damn thing. And, they never will. As the old saying goes, "If you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns." And, that is the truth of the matter, and I will be one of those outlaws. Now I'm not going to go out shooting up the town, but I damn sure will have one for personal protection for when the criminals come into my home thinking I don't own a gun because they'd be illegal. Criminals don't give a flying fuck about laws, if they did, they damn well wouldn't be criminals. And, granted the school shootings that have happened over the last decade or so are truly tragic, and my heart goes out to the families of the victims. But, banning guns is not only unconstitutional and against the common citizen, it's just plain stupid for reasons I've already mentioned. If guns are banned then criminals will go uncontested except by law enforcement officers, and besides their complete lack of giving a shit, they're outnumbered by thousands to one. And, I will say that ninety percent or more cops do actually care about their jobs and aren't corrupt, and it's not the corruption that is my main complaint. But, I am in no means in good shape, I'm a fucking fat as hell, although I have lost about fifty pounds in the last year. I'm still to fat to be doing much running, and there are cops every where I go that I could easily outrun and not even be out of breath. Sure, they have guns and can legally use them if needed. But, I and every body that has a lick of sense knows that they won't if they come across somebody in a crowed mall or street, unless the person they're after is shooting shit up.

But, I digress.

Lets look at what's really happening here in The United States of America regarding shootings. First off, as sad as these shootings are, what you hear is mostly media hype, they dramatize shit into oblivion. From what I can tell, it's not that it's happening more often or more people are getting killed, it's that the media, and fear mongers are putting it out front for you to see. It's all in the writing, take a look at Mass shootings map from Mother Jones, it's accurate in the factual statements. But, by adding buzzwords like, epidemic, arsenal, blasting, and massacre. Now I'm not saying that these words were inappropriately used, but they were used to entice a reaction from the reader. The media does this all the time. Even according to this website, there have been sixty-two in the last thirty years. Damn, you say, sixty-two that's a lot. Yea, it's a lot, but that's barely more that two a year. Gangs and criminals probably kill more people in a year, than all sixty-two of these mass shootings have combined. I couldn't find any conclusive or accurate, there are a lot of cases of shootings in cities with high gang presence that the findings are inconclusive as to who or why the person or people were killed. And, here's a post from The Washington Post, Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in The United States. And, here is a chart from DPIC, Death Penalty Information CenterMurder rates nationally by state. Take note that the numbers on the right of the chart from DPIC are per one hundred thousand, so let's take my home state here. According to DPIC, Oklahoma had a murder rate of five and a half people per 100,000 last year, with a population of 3,791,508 according to the US Census Bureau, that gives us 208 deaths that year. That is nearly ten Sandy Hooks, and our rate hasn't fluctuated much in the last fifteen years. Actually according to DPIC, murder rates have dropped overall over the last fifteen years. And, from what I can tell the number of mass murders hasn't gone up significantly in the last thirty years, just the media and fear mongers want to put it out front to make you think that violence in our nation is getting worse, when in fact it seems quite the opposite to me. And, I believe that more guns in the hands of civilians will do nothing but put that trend on a quicker path to lower murder rates and reduced crimes committed against society and the general populace.

As a population and citizens of this nation, and this planet. We need to stand up for ourselves, and not let the government control our lives. If you don't take control of your own life, someone else will, and you probably won't like where you end up. If you expect someone else to make your rules and guide your life and babysit your sorry asses, then you have no room to bitch about how your life turns out or what happens to you. I believe that our government should be in a near anarchy state, not total anarchy, but as a support system to the citizens taking care of business. Make laws that regard the nation as a whole, not just sub-groups. Government laws should protect our citizens not hinder them. They should make our country a better place to live, not be a thumb on your back to hold you in place to keep you from getting hurt. If you want your government to make your decisions for you, then you need to move to one of the countries that have a dictator instead of a president, that are communist or militant. Move to China, where the government tells you how many kids you can have. Move to Cuba, Burma, or Niger where you don't have any rights for shit. You don't want to move to those countries??? Then you just want to turn The United States of America into one of those countries then? No? Well, you're off to a hellova start with stricter gun control laws, especially the outright banning of guns to citizens.

Well, I'm not done, but I've got shit to do today. But, I'll leave you with this little bit of inspiration.

If you give up your guns, you give up your rights and freedom.

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